Surprise, Surprise…I Made Another Shirtdress!

DIY Floral Vintage-Style Shirtdress by Sartorial Seamstress

Have you ever had one of those projects that you were so jazzed about, that checked all the boxes, that you were so convinced you were going to love that you already planned out a second version in your mind – only to finish the garment, and feel, well, meh? This dress is one of those. Now, don’t get me wrong, I really do love this dress and will probably make another. But, it just doesn’t make my heart skip a beat the way the anticipation of it did.

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I Made a Pair of Shoes!!

DIY Floral Espadrilles by Sartorial Seamstress

This week I’m not sharing a garment, but instead I am sharing…drumroll, please…my first pair of shoes!! I mean, not my first ever pair of shoes; I haven’t been walking around barefoot. But it is my first pair of me-made shoes! And spoiler alert – […]

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It’s Not Easy Being Green

When looking at my closet, I felt like didn’t have many (if any at all) simple, easy, neutral dresses. So, this dress is a baby step to try to remedy that situation. And yes, I know this chartreuse-y green color isn’t exactly what most would […]

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Cotton Tails and a Baby Quilt

DIY bunny quilt by Sartorial Seamstress, featuring appliqued bunnies with embroidered faces and faux fur tails.

Well…this year of blogging has certainly gotten off to a rip-roaring start. I intended to publish this post a couple of weeks ago, but my laptop went on the fritz. One new laptop later, and I can get back to my regularly scheduled programming!

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