My New Green Sienna Maker Jacket

Hellooooo! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I promise you, I have been sewing. I’ll explain more about this later. But first, I am so excited to finally be able to share this jacket with you! This is Closet Case Patterns’ Sienna Maker Jacket, which was just released last week. I was a tester for this pattern, and it was really tough keeping this baby under wraps since August.

Not surprising, this pattern is yet another winner from Closet Case Patterns. It comes with three views – a cropped, boxy style; a just-past-the-hips, mid-length version; and a knee-length trench style. I decided to make the knee length version, although, now that I’ve seen Closet Case Patterns’ product images, I think I need the cropped version too. Have you seen the buttoned back and pocket sleeves?!

So, a bit about this jacket. It was inspired by vintage French workwear and is loaded – I mean loaded – with pockets. There are two giant patch pockets on the front, another smaller breast pocket on the left front and guess what? Another pocket on this inside! While I plan to use this as outwear and not necessarily a maker jacket in my sewing room (although I would feel very official if I did), it’s nice to just know all those pockets are there.

Another super cool feature is the wrap tie belt. It goes through a small opening in the front, wraps around the body and gets secured by a pair of D-rings. When not wearing the jacket closed, it can be a bit interesting trying to decide what to do with this long tie. In the end, I decided to just tie it into a loose knot. I noticed in Closet Case Patterns’ photos that they wrap it around the back and secure it in the D-rings. Hmmm…something to think about.

As always, Closet Case Patterns’ instructions are impeccable, and the jacket went together like a breeze. For my taste, parts of this jacket are a bit oversized. However, Heather and her team made quite a few adjustments to the final pattern. Some of these changes include taking in the shoulders, removing some of the back ease and raising the armscye. These changes address most of my fit concerns, so I’d guess the final pattern will be pretty close to perfect!

The fabric I selected is a Kaufman Ventana Twill from Since green is my favorite color and it seemed a crime I didn’t have a green jacket, I landed on this forest green colorway. I’ve heard good things about this twill, and it did not disappoint. It is great quality and the perfect weight for this jacket. Since this is an unlined jacket, I bound all my seams in bias tape. I like the nice, clean look this finishing provides. I was on a bit of a time crunch with this make, as I was getting ready to leave for vacation, so I used store bought bias tape. For my next (cropped) version, you had better believe I’ll be making some awesome patterned bias tape.

Now that it’s FINALLY feeing like fall around here, I’m sure this jacket will get a lot of wear. I’d definitely recommend this pattern. From the pockets to all the cool little details, it’s great for outerwear or to hold your scissors, measuring tapes, marking pencils, seam gauges…you get the picture.

Now, back to my long absence from the blog. Part of this, I must admit, is that work and life have been very busy. BUT, the other reason is so, so, so cool, because, a fabric and craft online retailer based in England, reached out and asked me to join their Maker Team. As part of the Maker Team, I get to select a fabric each month from a list sent out by Minerva. They gift the fabric to me, I make something and then write a blog post about it for the Minerva blog. Of course, I immediately said yes! I mean, how could I not, right?!

So far, I’ve completed three projects for Minerva, and I’ve loved every minute of it. Their fabric is seriously lovely and amazing quality. While I can’t share my posts on my own blog, I’ll be sure to share the links on my social media. My first post is due out at the beginning of next month.

Don’t worry, though, I’m not forsaking my own blog. It’s just taken a few months to get into the swing of everything and for work to calm down…fingers crossed.

Until next time,

Happy Sewing!

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  1. It’s beautiful! It’s far too chic to wear just when working alone (with, like, one shoe off and Murder She Wrote on autoplay, which is how I sew, at least!). How did you get to be a Closet Case pattern tester? Sounds like a dream!

    1. I am so sorry for my delayed response…I thought I responded as soon as I read this. I apologize. Thank you for the compliment on the jacket! I also love Murder, She Wrote and will occasionally watch as I sew…ai never tire of Jessica Fletcher’s adventures!
      I became a tester for Closet Case by responding to an open call. I was thrilled to be selected. I think they post info on tester calls on their social media.

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