Monkeying Around in My Willamette Shirt

One of my favorite parts of sewing is searching for just the right fabric/pattern combination. Well, friends, I think this might be one of my favorite combos yet.

This is the Willamette Shirt from Hey June Handmade, or as I keep calling it, Hey Jude Handmade (yes, I am a huge Beatles fan). If you haven’t already picked up this pattern, you should do so immediately – go ahead – I don’t mind. This post isn’t going anywhere.

And to think, I only purchased this pattern to save 20% off another pattern. Allow me to explain: I wanted to pick up Hey June Handmade’s Sanibel Romper pattern, and there was a 20% off sale when you purchased three patterns. Now I know what you’re thinking – you would spend more buying three patterns at 20% off than just the one at regular price – and you would be absolutely right. Except, then I wouldn’t have this awesome shirt! So, in addition to the Sanibel Romper, I also picked up the Willamette shirt and the Union St. Tee.

I’d seen a lot of versions of the Willamette in the online sewing community, but to be honest, I never gave the pattern much thought. Well, I’m happy that lapse in judgement has been rectified.

The Willamette Shirt has three versions, each with a different hem option. I chose view C, the cropped version with a straight hem. This pattern was a dream to sew. The instructions were clear, and everything went together easily. I often worry that patterns like this are going to be overly boxy and unflattering. I think this one strikes just the right balance. It has the right amount of boxiness to be cute and comfortable, without feeling like I’m being swallowed by my shirt.

The only change I made to the pattern was adding two inches to the length. While this is a cropped style, it’s what I would call a longer crop (is that a thing?). Even without the extra two inches, there was no midriff showing. I’m picky about where my shirts hit on my hips, and the extra little bit of length made it just right.

Aside from a great pattern, what makes this version such a star is the FABRIC! I mean, it’s covered in monkeys! After I bought the pattern, I needed some fabric. My stash doesn’t have a lot of cottons, but lucky for me, Mood just happened to be having a sale on cotton prints. When I saw this monkey print cotton poplin, I almost lost my mind. It was like the stars had aligned, or as George McFly in Back to the Future would say, it was my density.

The only negative I can say about this fabric is how much it wrinkles. I mean, it wrinkles a lot – like linen levels of wrinkles. But you know what? I don’t care, because it’s covered in monkeys! If you like this fabric, it also comes in a light pink background.

To sum up, I will be making this shirt again. I think for my next version, I’ll use a drapey fabric, maybe a silk, for a completely different look.

The Sanibel Romper is still in my to-sew pile. I probably would have made it first, but as I’ve said, this shirt is covered in monkeys!

Until next time,

Happy Sewing!

Clearly I was cracking myself up here…or laughing at the lady who drove by and gave a pity smile to my photographer…I mean boyfriend.

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