The Perfect Summer Stripes

Being the Closet Case Patterns fan girl that I am, I was more than happy to test a couple of their new summer patterns that were just released last week as part of The Rome Collection. Today, I’m so excited to finally get to share my tester version of the Cielo Dress. This is an easy summer pattern that comes with shirt and dress options, two sleeve options, and the choice between pockets or no pockets in the dress. Although, is that really a choice? Especially when the pockets are as cool as these ones.

This just might be the perfect summer dress.

I decided to make view C, the short-sleeved dress with pockets. Initially, I thought of using some fuchsia colored silk I’ve had in my stash for a while, but I quickly changed my mind when I thought about wearing this dress in the summer heat. (I should note here that these photos were taken before the heat rolled in – hence the boots.) Once the idea of any sweat marks showing on that silk got into my mind, there was no getting it out.

Now if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I’m a bit of an anomaly in the sewing community. I don’t like linen. Nope. I don’t like wearing it. I don’t like sewing it. And I don’t like how much it wrinkles. Despite all of this, however, I decided to make this dress in, you guessed it, 100% linen. See the wrinkles in this dress? I ironed it about five minutes before taking these pictures…five minutes!

I’d seen this striped linen from JoAnn making its rounds in the online sewing community and thought it would be perfect for this project, despite my dislike of linen. I just love the colorful stripes, and this pattern gave me the opportunity to play around with stripe placement and direction. I must say that after working with it, this linen is a pretty great little fabric.

Ok, enough linen talk – let’s talk about this pattern. Closet Case Patterns wanted to create a collection that was easy to sew for summer. Well, I’d say mission accomplished! This pattern is extremely easy and great for beginners. I think I had the entire thing sewn up in just a couple of hours. I’m pretty sure cutting it out and making sure the stripes weren’t wonky took longer than anything else.

Probably my favorite part of this dress are the pockets. They were so easy to sew, and I’ve never seen a pattern with front in-seam pockets before. I’m a big fan. And with that horizontal front seam, I figured why not play around with the direction of the stripes. For me, that detail gives this dress just a little something extra.

I did make a couple alterations. First up was taking in the side seams. I took the side seams in from the sleeve through the waist a total of four inches. This pattern is meant to be a loose-fit, boxy style, but it was just too boxy on top for my taste. However, the hips fit perfectly, so I tapered my side seams into the original hip seam. The other alteration I made was to shorten it by several inches. The original length, combined with the boxy style, was not flattering on me at all.

After these simple alterations, I ended up with a dress that I love and is so perfect for summer. It checks all the season’s must-haves: 1. Comfortable 2. Cool 3. No visible sweat marks. I’ve already worn it several times, and I get compliments every time I wear it. Those compliments always feel especially good when it’s something I made!

Closet Case Patterns did make a few changes to the pattern for the final release, including shortening the dress and scaling down the sleeve and cuff. So, some of the alterations I made wouldn’t be necessary for a version made with the final pattern. I’ll probably be making another of these before summer’s out – probably in a solid this time, but definitely with the pockets! As I’m typing this, I’m also thinking how cute the version with sleeves would be in a lightweight suiting for fall…hmmmm…

Since I’ve already made the Cielo Dress and the Fiore Skirt, I guess that just leaves the Pietra Pants. The pattern comes with a seriously cute shorts version, and I think I already have the perfect fabric in my stash.

Annnnd this is why my to-sew list never gets any shorter…ha!

Until next time,

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Ooh, you really made the most of that back shoulder detail. Join us linen people! Joooiinn usss….;P

    1. Lol!!!! Thanks so much! This dress has me liking linen a bit more than I used to, but I don’t know if I’ll ever go over to the dark…I mean linen…side. 😁

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