Cozy Ombre Sweater

Ahhh….so this is what it’s like to be warm and cozy during a coat-less winter photo shoot.

As part of my 2018 sewing resolutions, I challenged myself to not buy any ready-to-wear clothing this year. This includes casual basics, like t-shirts and sweaters – things I typically just pick up at the mall. Until recently, I figured why waste time on these simple items, when I could be making dresses and blouses and fancy capes. Well, this ombre sweater is why you take the time to make the basics. I’m not sure if it’s the fabric, the style or just how comfortable this sweater is, but I am in love with it.

Cozy Ombre Sweater by Sartorial Seamstress

So apparently, sorting through my fabric stash is like going on an archaeological dig. Sometimes you find a complete T-Rex, and sometimes you find the scraps of someone’s old tent that you’re sure they regretted buying as soon as they got it home. Recently, I was looking for a specific fabric, and in the process, I knocked over an entire stack. At the bottom, I found a complete T-Rex! Or in this case, this beautiful ombre sweater knit. I bought this at JoAnns about two years ago and completely forgot about it.

When you start forgetting about fabric, I suppose that’s a sign your stash is too big. I just can’t quite get my brain to comprehend that sentiment.

Anyway, after I found this fabric, I wanted to use it while it’s still cold outside. Although, since I’m in Pittsburgh, I suppose there isn’t that big of a hurry. The fabric is a lighter weight knit, with a lovely drape and a good deal of crosswise stretch. In my mind, I figured either a drapey cardigan or an oversized sweater would show off this fabric the best.

Cozy Ombre Sweater by Sartorial Seamstress

Later that week, I stopped by JoAnns, and they were having a $.99 Simplicity pattern sale. As I was getting my patterns out of the drawers, I saw Simplicity 8529 on display. On impulse I added it my stack. Having just found the ombre fabric, I had a suspicion that this would be the perfect pattern. I was right. I made view A, which has a higher neckline, side slits and a high-low hem. While I don’t usually like high-low hems, I’m quite fond of it on this sweater – I think because it’s quite subtle. The pattern also offers options with a crew neck and more of a cropped length. All the views feature drop shoulders.

The sweater was extremely easy to make, and I had it together in just a few hours. Laying out and cutting the fabric took longer than the construction! I only had two yards, which was plenty for the sweater, except for the placement of the ombre effect. I played around with several different layouts and was finally able to squeeze (and I mean really squeeze) all the pattern pieces onto the fabric the way I wanted them. The sleeves are cut from the darkest part of the ombre, and I think they give the sweater a bit of a color-blocked look. After measuring the length of the pattern pieces, I decided to add 1” to the length. I know that isn’t a lot, but I really like where the hem falls on my hips.

Cozy Ombre Sweater by Sartorial Seamstress

This pattern is a design by Sew House Seven. I wasn’t familiar with this designer until I made this pattern. Since then, I’ve checked out their website, and I absolutely love the Toaster Sweater #1 pattern. It resembles the cropped version of the sweater I just made but has raglan sleeves and a loose turtleneck. I’ll definitely be adding it to my “to-make” list.

Sometimes I forget how rewarding it can be to sew up quick, fun projects like this sweater. As I continue to make my completely me-made wardrobe, I’m sure I’ll be taking on more of these types of projects. And to be honest, I’m excited about that. Finally, all my casual pieces will feel just as special and be just as unique as the rest of my wardrobe.

Cozy Ombre Sweater by Sartorial Seamstress

I’m guessing friends and family are going to be sick of seeing this sweater before winter’s out. So, to give them a break, maybe I should make a few more in all the different views…

Until next time,

Happy Sewing!

Cozy Ombre Sweater by Sartorial Seamstress

Cozy Ombre Sweater by Sartorial Seamstress

Cozy Ombre Sweater by Sartorial Seamstress


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