DIY Star Wars Quilt

With the move back from Australia and holiday travels, I haven’t had much time to sew in the last couple of weeks. So, I decided to do something a bit different this week and share a non-garment project.  Not only is this quilt probably my proudest sewing accomplishment, but I figured with the release of the latest Star Wars installment it was also timely.

DIY Star Wars Quilt by Sartorial Seamstress

I made this Star Wars applique quilt when my friends’ son, Finn, was born. I knew I wanted to make him a quilt, and when I found out they were decorating his room in a Star Wars theme, it seemed like a no-brainer. This is not my first applique project, but I’d say it was definitely the most challenging.

The quilt measures 40” wide by 67” long. Each of the white blocks are 12” squares, with 3” borders in between and a 5” border around the entire quilt. The most fun part of designing this quilt was choosing which characters to feature. Since the quilt was for a baby, I decided to focus on the non-human and masked characters. They are the most colorful, and I’m not the best at drawing. There is a very good possibility Luke Skywalker and Hans Solo would have ended up looking like twins (add in Leia, and you would have had triplets!).

After selecting the solid cottons for the characters, I found this awesome Star Wars comic book print cotton at JoAnns. I think this fabric, with its bright pops of color, is perfect for the borders and the backing. Once I had my fabrics and characters selected, it was time to get sketching. Since I wasn’t using an embroidery machine or pre-made appliques, I needed to draw and plan out the construction of each character. Despite my lack of drawing skills, sketching the characters ended up being really fun.

DIY Star Wars Quilt by Sartorial Seamstress - Close-up of applique sketches

I’m a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to Star Wars. I only just saw the movies about four years ago. This means there was a fair bit of me staring at photos of the characters online, hoping I could sketch a worthy likeness. C-3PO and Darth Vader were the simplest, because they are symmetrical. I only needed to draw one side then trace it onto the other side…phew! Yoda was by far the most difficult. He seemed to morph from elf, to gremlin, to old man with very large ears, to finally, fairly Yoda-esque.

DIY Star Wars Quilt by Sartorial Seamstress - Yoda blocks in progress

After the start of the new year, I’m going to do a tutorial post on how to create the applique squares. It’s a bit of a lengthy process, and I’d like to get some step-by-step photos to go along with the instructions.

I used each character twice, with Finn’s name in one square and a blue light saber in another. For the accent squares, I opted for bright red. I felt that the quilt was missing red in its overall color scheme. After the blocks were complete, assembling the quilt was quite easy. I used a thin natural cotton batting and machine quilted around the squares and border pieces.

DIY Star Wars Quilt by Sartorial Seamstress

I had an absolute blast making this quilt! And, knowing that Finn’s parents (and hopefully Finn when he gets older) like it is the best part. I don’t make quilts very often, but sometimes it is a breath of fresh air to work on something so different from my normal project list.

I’ll be taking next week off from blogging to enjoy the holidays and do a bit of traveling. I want to thank all of you for following and reading my blog over the past few months. I can’t wait to continue sharing my sewing adventures in 2018!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!

Happy Sewing!

DIY Star Wars Quilt by Sartorial Seamstress

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