DIY Denim Dress & Globetrotter Crocheted Shawl

Back view of DIY denim A-line dress with crochet shawl

I don’t often make a garment based solely around an accessory, but I found myself doing just that after discovering an amazing pattern from Patons yarn, called the Globetrotter Shawl (if you crochet, definitely check it out…it’s a free pattern!). In the pattern photos the model wears a denim dress with the shawl, and I immediately fell in love with the entire look. Of course, I have other things in my closet that would go with this shawl, but any excuse to make a new dress, right?

Back view of DIY denim A-line dress with crochet shawl

First the shawl:

I am relatively new to crocheting, and this shawl was my first project of this scale. The finished project measures about 80”x20”, excluding the fringe, and incorporated many stitches and techniques that were new to me. All in all, the shawl took me a couple of months to finish, working on it in the evenings while watching TV.

Close-up of multi-colored crochet shawl.

I used the prescribed Patons Kroy Socks FX yarn, which I’ve used before on a smaller shawl – I will try to include it in a blog post this fall. This yarn works up like a dream and lends a lovely soft feel to the finished projects.

After completing this shawl, I totally get why it’s called the Globetrotter. I don’t know if it’s the colors or the style, but I feel so worldly while wearing it. I just need one of those old-timey suitcases covered in stickers from all the places I’ve been to round out the look.

On to the dress:

I had Simplicity 8295 floating around my pattern stash for a while, thinking when I bought it that it would be great in a dark denim. I love a good collar and the fact that this dress has pockets sealed the deal. I made view A, without the laces, and the pattern fit without any alterations.

Front view of DIY denim A-line dress with crochet shawl

The denim I chose is from JoAnne and is a lightweight, non-stretch denim in a dark wash. Here is something similar (or quite possibly the same one – I bought it a while ago). This fabric worked extremely well with this pattern. The denim provided enough structure for the collar, while still draping nicely for the A-line style.

The pattern was very straightforward and went together quickly. One of my favorite details on this dress are the button tabs on the sleeves. I very rarely wear these types of sleeves buttoned around my wrists so I am all about tabs that keep the sleeves up and neat.

My other favorite detail is the topstitching. Since I wanted this dress to have a very casual look, I chose yellow thread to mimic the stitching found on jeans. As a perfectionist, I must say that there have been many topstitching projects that have made me best friends with my seam ripper. Luckily, this wasn’t one of them, and I’m quite pleased with the end result.

Since completing this dress, I’ve worn it numerous times with both sandals and boots. I love that it can be worn for all seasons by simply swapping out the accessories. I’m currently in Australia, where it is winter, so I got to pair it up with the shawl, and I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of it this fall and winter when I’m back home.

Back view of DIY denim A-line dress with crochet shawl

Front view of DIY denim A-line dress

Front view of DIY denim A-line dress with crochet shawl

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