Tropical Floral Midi-Dress

We all know I’m not one to shy away from a print. Well, this just might be my boldest look yet. As a matter of fact, I believe in the description for this fabric it said something like “create flamboyant dresses, skirts or tops.” Yep…that […]

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The Perfect Summer Stripes

Being the Closet Case Patterns fan girl that I am, I was more than happy to test a couple of their new summer patterns that were just released last week as part of The Rome Collection. Today, I’m so excited to finally get to share […]

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DIY Cozy Sheep Sweater

I suppose you could say my latest make has me feeling a bit sheepish…ha! Actually, I’m feeling pretty great, not to mention incredibly cozy. This little number got her start like so many of my seemingly hairbrained ideas that end up looking awesome: I feel […]

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